Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2013

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Team treated unfairly


I am writing in regards to something in our local newspaper that was very disturbing (“Disgusting example,” Letters to the editor, July 17). A parent from the 9-year-old Scott County all-star baseball team sends in a concern/complaint. and it is published without question? I understand freedom of speech, but did you ever think to contact the Shelby County Parks system to get their side of the story or allow them the opportunity to address this lady’s complaint? Better yet, contact the coaches or parents of our all-star team?

Is this what The Sentinel-News has resorted to now? I can’t believe it is that easy to destroy someone’s reputation.

As a former news and sports reporter in the Kentuckiana area, I received complaints, accusations and “he said/she said” E-mails all of the time from disgruntled citizens. But you better believe I would have never published or aired the story before getting both sides of the story and making sure it was accurate.

I am very proud of this group of young men representing Shelby County. This team and these coaches have handled themselves with class through winning and losing. Maybe you should come to a game and see for yourself.

I wonder if Scott County would have won the game if you would have received a complaint?

Stacy Floden





I’m very disappointed that my hometown paper would publish such a letter from an outside source without having the courtesy of calling either myself or the Shelby County Parks’ athletic director. I’m the head coach of the 9U all-star team that this letter addresses. Not only does Ms. Eslick make false accusations, but she then continues on and makes derogatory comments about how we coach these kids and the character of everyone from Shelby County that attended this game. Not once at this game or after the game did anyone from Scott County complain to me or approach me about any of these issues.

I believe that mine and my assistant coaches’ reputations have been defamed without warrant. I understand how letters to the editor work, and the right to freedom of speech, but to allow someone to blatantly make derogatory comments about one’s character that are untrue is unfair and might be considered slander.

You have offended every parent, coach, and anyone that is associated with this team by publishing this letter in our hometown paper.

Andy Raisor




I realize Ms. Eslick felt pain for her child. I also feel pain for my child every time he has tough time in whatever he does. The difference is I do not have to write to a paper to show how upset I was at my son not having his best game. The Sentinel News has always supported Shelby County sports, and I hope it stays the same, but this article regarding our 9u team was not fair and unwarranted, especially considering she was not a resident of this town, and hurt that her “9-year-old team” got beat. To embarrass a team and kids of our county over an all-star game is not very fair. Thanks for all you do.

Jeffrey D. Long



Great theater


Having anticipated for weeks the presentation by the Shelby County Community Theater of the musical South Pacific, I was pleased to attend the opening night last Friday.

While I must admit to bias, having been a long-time fan of our theater, I profess to be objective in pronouncing this to be one of its very best productions. I found it to be much more enjoyable than the movie production and much like the original Broadway production, with Ezio Penza and Mary Martin, that I attended on Broadway in 1949.

How the cast of this production could be so enthusiastic after weeks of rehearsals, including daily practices during the week before it opened, is a tribute to its director, Cyndi Skellie, and its musical director, Lynne Chenault.

I suggest that South Pacific will be quickly sold out and that those of our community who wish to spend an enjoyable evening with friends, in the audience and on the stage, should not delay in calling for reservations (502-633-0222).

Ron Van Stockum