Letters to the Editor: Jan. 9, 2013

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Hunting dogs is illegal


I attended the meeting at the Waddy Ruritan Club concerning the recent attacks on animals in the area. My sympathies lie with the people whose animals were injured and/or killed, along with the animals themselves. It was especially heartbreaking to hear the story of the mutilated goats, and I realize that these animals need to be protected.

The purpose of this letter, however, is to caution residents not to add unnecessarily to the misery that has already occurred. I heard a gentleman mention that perhaps the time had come to start hunting dogs. Kentucky law allows persons to kill a dog that is (1) observed attacking a person or (2) trespassing on that person’s property and observed in the act of pursuing or wounding his livestock. Local citizens have no authority to kill a dog just because it has wandered onto their property. In addition, it is against the law to intentionally poison a dog. Please practice kindness.

Leslie McBride



Wrong on gun control

Rodney Dempsey’s My Word piece (“Some ammo about gun control,” Dec. 19) misses the entire point of the problem and seems to attack this problem with a “sawed-off” shotgun approach. We have so many laws now effecting guns and gun ownership that overturns that constitutional guarantee of the 2nd Amendment that most of us cannot remember even a small portion. They were placed into effect and pushed into existence by citizens similar to the thinking of Mr. Dempsey. These laws are as anyone can see ineffective!

What this author would have our nation do is to ensure that anyone who is poor could have no gun to protect themselves or their families. They would be unable to afford the weapon because the extreme taxes he lists would be placed on their ownership.

The answer to this problem is: Our nation has through lack of parental teaching and liberal school systems, which makes every attempt “for political correctness” has caused a lack of regard for the Judeo-Christian philosophy. We were taught in the 1940s and ‘50s that human life is to be cherished; that we were to conduct ourselves in a manner using self-discipline and regard for our neighbor’s rights.
Those reared in this older generation hold fast to these principles; however we knew incidents of mass killings and similar crimes would evolve from this political correctness and societal waywardness. It merely took a few years for this political correctness and lack of discipline within our culture to take hold. Parents too busy to conduct the teaching of their children; the influence of Hollywood and the computer culture generating a lack of sensitivity to our children was sure to become a factor that would harm our children and our society.

Add the fact that a person such as the young man in Newtown, Conn., who suffered with a psychological condition, should be permitted access to weapons; and then we have a situation that was a horror.

If the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution is repealed or emasculated further by these liberals, this violence can easily take different forms, such as using acid, striking people with automobiles, explosives and even bludgeoning. There is no end to what a human who has a psychological condition will turn to in order to perform or commit mayhem.

As our Founding Fathers realized from their experiences in other nations, basically England, the right of lawful citizens to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. We need to keep the 2nd Amendment intact and heed accepted Judeo-Christian philosophy.

If Mr. Dempsey wishes the laws to change in the manner he espoused in his article, he only needs to change his residence to Great Britain where these conditions exist as well as the violence.

Eugene Maynard


Focus on milk?


It appears there are more voters concerned about $7 milk than there are voters concerned about a strong economy for our nation. Isn't that embarrassing?

John Wills