Letters to the Editor: Jan. 8, 2014

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Library’s plans

Your recent editorial about wisely spending our taxes had some very good points, but your critique of the library was not very well thought out (“How our tax dollars could be used better,” Dec. 11). You seem to assume that books will be obsolete in the near future and that books are the only reason for a library’s existence.

While procuring, cataloging and storing books has always been a major function of libraries, their primary role is one of spreading knowledge and information to as many people as possible. Since each of us has a different store of knowledge and experience, gathering together to share knowledge with others is extremely important. Libraries have always provided a community gathering place, and our library arranges numerous events to bring people together: lectures, book signings, private meetings, readings, classes of many kinds – computer, GED, crafts, even dancing and yoga. Each of these events brings people into town and gives them a reason to return often.

My family lives at the eastern end of Shelby County, closer to Frankfort than Shelbyville. Until I heard, two years ago, about the library’s yoga classes for people over 50, I had been to Shelbyville only three or four times in the eight years we lived in Bagdad. We now come to classes twice a week and have made Shelbyville our base. We spend thousands of dollars here every year, dollars that used to go elsewhere. The 25 or 30 people in this one class are an important part of the local economy.

If the library management has saved up enough surplus money to finance expansion – they are already doing good job of spending our taxes wisely.

Russ McFarland



Kramer’s tour

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have two of our three children come to visit us over Christmas. I was thinking of what we could do during their visit, and I thought about visiting Undulata Farm.

On Monday I called the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce, who directed me to Charlie Kramer. Mr. Kramer said that we could visit the farm on Tuesday, Christmas Eve, and suggested we meet him there at 9:30. We were pleasantly surprised at being able to visit on such short notice and on Christmas Eve to boot.

We met Mr. Kramer at the farm and quickly realized that he came out to give a tour just for us! We spent almost 2 hours touring the house and visiting with the horses. He was in no hurry and would have stayed there with us all day if we wanted. What a wonderful experience for all of us!

I want to thank Mr. Kramer for his time and Undulata’s owner, Hoppy Bennett, for allowing us to visit his wonderful farm. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful treasure here in Shelbyville and would recommend the tour to everyone.

Robert Pratt



Church before state

I wanted to comment about the story about the Collins cheerleaders (“Cheerleaders to board: Let us go to nationals,” Dec. 18). I, personally, as a Christian, would prefer that “none” of the students participated or traveled on Sunday. That being said, if the Shelby County School Board is going to allow some to do it, I feel that they should allow all to participate equally. In a perfect world, they would all be involved in their church’s youth group that day.

Ronnie Aldridge

Charleston, Mo.