Letters to the Editor, Jan. 25, 2012

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School board’s sense


I found it rather interesting after reading the headline on Wednesday’s front page, "First glance at budget for 2012-2013: Grim" (Jan. 18). You see, the first line read "The Shelby County Board of Education received some grim news with the first look at its 2012-2013 budget." It wasn't long ago this same board, by majority vote, approved to spend over $300,000 to possibly fix (no guarantee) a football field at Collins High School that was still under warranty. I find it ironic that today it's grim news while a year ago it was justified to spend that kind of money on something that was still under warranty. It just goes to show you that common sense isn't what it used to be and probably will never be.

Shaun York



Budget priorities


Are you kidding me? The proposed state budget for this year cuts the education budget by $50 million and leaves in $43 million for an amusement park (Ark Encounter, which would receive tax incentives)?

Where are the state’s priorities? What's more important than education for our children? I guess in Kentucky, its Big Business. I didn't think we paid taxes to fund private enterprise.

These budget items show everythingthat is wrong in America today. Big Business still gets everything it asks for, while everyone else can fend for themselves. Please contact our state representatives and demand that they fund education and not amusement parks. They have a choice and could choose to ensure their campaign contributions keep coming. Shame on any elected official who would vote for this budget, especially Gov. Steve Beshear, who proposed it.

David Weinberg



Animal controls needed


Thank you for covering the Henry County animal horder/breeder story in the paper last December. The author, Phyllis McLaughlin, made excellent points in her article (“Animal raid in Henry shows legal issues,” Dec. 23) regarding the lack of animal welfare laws in this state, something the animal rescue community is painfully aware of.

It would be great to see another article asking for individuals to get involved and support legislation that calls for animal owners “to forfeit ownership of animals involved in cruelty and torture cases and prohibit ownership or possession of animals of the same species for two years.”

The legislation, sponsored for the past six years by state Rep. Ron Crim (R-Louisville), never makes it out of committee. This is would be a great  place to start.

Tracie Lennon, Shelby County Humane Society president



Hodges are Fabulous


Way to go, Sentinel-News, for making Tom and Ruth Hodge 1 of your Fabulous 5 (“Shelby’s Fab 5,” Dec. 28). They really deserve it. They are good people.

Tom Douglas