Letters to the Editor: Jan. 23, 2013

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Ledco to be missed


On Jan. 28 there will be nothing left of a business that has been a pillar of Shelby County for over 30 years, Ledco. This will be such a sad day for many. I worked there for over 16 years, and when Masonite took over in 2010, it felt like we had a death in our family. When working for a family-owned business that Mr. Joseph Solomon worked so hard to build, all employees that work there for years really do become family.

The last day that I walked out of Masonite/Ledco was such a sad day because I truly loved the Solomons and my job. Now in less than three weeks there will be nothing left of Ledco but a hull.

There will be no more trim saws, no more carton lines. All glue machines and building tables will be gone. The only thing that will be left is the ghost of a great door company that was built by a great man in another state and moved here over 30 years ago.

At one time it supplied many jobs to our community as donations to charities (Metro United Way was always on everyone's list and a very dear charity to Joseph Solomon) and always was there if we as employees ever needed anything, from softball teams to the Ledco picnic that was held every year when it was Ledco.

Many tears have been shed by many people since Ledco was bought by Masonite. This little ole door company and its owners (the Solomons )will be greatly missed by a lot of people who worked there. Hopefully something equally as great will occupy that ghost of a building someday real soon, and jobs will be available to the community once again.

To all of the employees that have stayed with the company, may the rest of this year be very prosperous for everyone. And to Mr. Joe Solomon and his two sons, you will be missed greatly and thought of often.

Ginny Middleton




Documented issues


Many thanks to Sentinel-News correspondent Beth Herrinton-Hodge (“Dreams fulfilled,” Jan. 9) for alerting her readers to the premiere of my Wendy Whelan documentary on KET. Ms. Whelan is an exceptionally talented artist, and I hope this profile of her reaches the widest possible audience.

For the record, however, two quotes assigned to me contained inaccurate information for which I was not the source. Upon Whelan's return to dance in Louisville this past year, her partner 

was Craig Hall, not Christopher d'Amboise, as listed in the article.  And as for the quote in which I supposedly described myself as "a big athlete in high school," well, any teammate or coach who witnessed my attempt to shoot a free throw or jump shot during that era knows otherwise. Comic relief and hyperbole have always been important tools for writers; however, direct quotes should always remain that: direct.

Thanks again for your newspaper's coverage of KET's programming. It is greatly appreciated.

Tom Thurman

Producer/Writer: KET


A good deed


On Dec. 21 I was at Kroger and bought 2 books of stamps as well as some more things. Later on I couldn’t find my stamps. Finally I called Kroger, and some honest person had turned them in. If whoever that was, is reading this, I’d like to thank you very much, and may the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly.

Paul Sue Martin