Letters to the Editor: Jan. 22, 2014

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This is just a note to express our gratitude to The Sentinel-News for the very good-looking and informational insert about Centro Latino. It looked just as we hoped it would. In fact, it was better than I had hoped it might be. So, here at Centro Latino, we are very pleased about the whole thing. Thanks very much for your help with this. We are truly thankful for the ability to get this letter of appreciation as well as the related information to the Shelby County community through the newspaper.

Sister Pat Reno

Executive director, Centro Latino


Likes library yoga

Two years ago I moved to Shelbyville. I purchased property – I’ve invested and contribute to our community and pay the taxes. I do want to live in a community where the leaders have a mission and a vision how to improve the quality of life for all Shelbyville citizens – young and the elderly; – through educational opportunities for everyone, a safer environment, and more health resources for all.

It has been suggested that yoga classes for seniors at the Shelby County Public Library is an unnecessary activity and should be eliminated.

I am a senior, and for more than a year now I’ve been attending these yoga classes – Mondays and Thursdays – at the library. These classes are providing me a chance to improve my over-all health – mentally, physically and socially.

I would hope the Shelbyville leaders would be committed to assisting and encouraging the citizens on a path to do better and be better. That is a winner for everyone.

Kay L. Shever



A toy drive thank you

The Christmas season has always been considered a time when people give more thought to giving. Our community here in Shelbyville has shown time and again that we never shy away from lending a helping hand.

The Shelbyville Fire Department Toy Drive 2013 was an awesome example of that. Nearly 100 children were touched by your generosity. Most received roughly $75 worth of toys, $60 in clothing, winter coats, shoes, blankets, gloves, hats, toothbrushes and toothpaste. This does not include the donations we made to Kosair Children’s Hospital.

I want to personally thank all the folks who stopped in the stations to donate money and toys or donated to one of canisters placed throughout town. I also want to thank some agencies that, through donations of money, merchandise and facilities, helped make the toy drive a huge success.

Mayor Tom Hardesty and the city of Shelbyville supported the project, and I especially want to thank the people that really make the project go. Firefighter/EMT Dwayne Davis and all the members of the Shelbyville Fire Rescue family that put in work and time above their normal duties to see that more kids in our community enjoy Christmas. They are the best at what they do, and I am repeatedly humbled and blessed to serve with them.

Want to help? We are already gearing up for next year. Give us a call at 633-7101 or stop by Station 1 to see us.

Willard E. (Tiger) Tucker, Fire Chief