Letters to the Editor: Jan. 2, 2013

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Staff and teachers

 as first responders?

Regarding the Newtown massacre and the piece in “What We Think” (Dec. 19) the writer wrote  “…no step is too great to protect our children.”

Police who respond to calls from schools under attack do their best. Inevitably it takes them precious minutes to get to the scene. In the meantime kids and adults are killed. One solution not discussed is the role of teachers and staff as first responders.

Volunteers willing to place themselves in harms way can be vetted, trained and authorized by law enforcement in the use of stun guns. Properly trained, these people could dispatch the perpetrator in the blink of an eye. I suspect there would be teachers and staff very willing to protect all the kids and themselves.

Nobody is killed, not even the demented perpetrator, who will live to face his day in court.

Given this option (step) will people still believe that “no step is too great to protect our children?” 

Chances are one in 3,000 that Shelby County will ever have this problem. Even so, would it not be worth it to start such a program?

Stun guns fire one “round.” In the not-too-distant future there will be “rapid fire” stun guns on the market. They will supposedly have a range greater than those presently available to law enforcement.

Norman J. Cobb



Holiday brightener


I enjoyed the subject very much of Steve Doyle’s holiday rhyme (“A rhyme for the season, “ Dec. 26). He made the holidays a little brighter. I think Clement Moore and Mark Twain would be happy with his effort. Keep up the good work.

Bob Spencer