Letters to the Editor: Jan. 16, 2013

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Help with tragedy


I'm not sure if you remember Aug. 6, 2011, but it will live with me forever. That day my life was changed in an instance. On the way back from Florida, my family and I were hit by a drunk driver. She never got the justice she deserved, but that's a whole other story. I lost my wife, Carolyn, and on Aug. 8 my son (stepson, but he was mine because I raised him and he saw me as daddy) passed away. I almost died. I had a 13 percent chance of living, but they were with me and I survived.

Because of that I have been motivated to do something for all families who have suffered such tragedies, and to prevent others from happening. That is why I have recently become the only

Coordinating Director for FADD (Fathers Against Drunk Driving) in the state of Kentucky. The non-profit group is based out of California and has been in place for 25 years. I am writing hoping that you can do a story about FADD and me, so that we can help our community get educated about drinking and driving.

Please give me a chance to help our community, please help me try and get sponsors so our organization can fund programs to make the roads safer, and finally please help me make sure no other family has to face what I have in the last year and four months.

Victor Phillips




Big Christmas thanks


I wish to thank you, the citizens of Shelby County and the community of Simpsonville, on behalf of 315 members in our community this year who were in need received assistance in the form of goods, clothing and toys. A special thanks goes to the businesses and organizations that donated for the No Child Left Behind and Christmas basket projects. Thanks also goes to the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Commonwealth Bank & Trust, MainSource Bank, and Citizens Union Bank who provided assistance in raising funds and coordination with respect to the projects. I also wish to thank Save-a-Lot for providing the food items for the Christmas baskets and the Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center’s Student Government Association for their fundraising efforts. Thanks also to the Family Resource Centers of Simpsonville Elementary School and West Middle School for their help with respect to the applications.

Finally, to the members of Simpsonville Christian Church, Simpsonville Methodist Church, the Shelby County Kentucky Leos Club and the Simpsonville Lions Club, who bought toys, wrapped gifts, provided clothes or helped prepare and deliver the food baskets, a very big thank you. Without your dedication and hard work over the last three months, the joy brought to 92 families would have never happened. God bless you all. You are the spirit of Christmas.

Chuck Danison

Project Chairperson

Simpsonville Lions Club