Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2, 2011

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Immigration issue

Thank you, Sarah Fouts, for your contribution of the My Word column (“ Immigrants are people, no matter their status,” Jan. 18). Mark Twain once said, “I have nothing to worry about the audiences I speak to. They will believe anything I tell them, except the truth.” You have presented readers with multiple layers of truth, with factual information and thoughtful discussion of the current illegal immigration issue in this country.
This is much appreciated by me because it is seldom seen or heard in our modern media or in political presentations that seem to expound endlessly self-serving opinions craftily dressed up to resemble information.
None of our country’s complex issues can be reduced to simple solutions, and anyone who believes they can be is either incapable of thinking, unwilling to do so or limiting their thinking to media sound bites.
My favorite sign at the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C., in November read, “I’m here because I think.” Thank you for thinking, Sarah, as well as giving your readers enough information to encourage us to do so as well.
Peggy Wilson

Conflict in Aqua Shores
I wasn't aware that one mans personal vendetta was front-page news (“Aqua Shores homeowner: Neighbors didn’t get permits," Jan. 21). Does The Sentinel-News believe in both sides of the story? Darrell Taylor claims discrimination, when he knew he had to have permits to do the work he was doing, but he chose not to. But this is how he is. He also knew that no structures were allowed on his lake easement, but built his gazebo there anyway. As far as his chickens, (fowl are forbidden in the Aqua Shores’ homeowners restrictions), they were just like his dogs: always loose and running around the neighborhood.
I have not met one person on this street that will call him a friend. He is the reason I have added surveillance around my house. One lady on the street looks outside to see if Taylor is out before she will even go out of her house. He has threatened neighbors. He says he is disabled and even draws a disability check from the government, but he claims to have numerous businesses in his wife’s name, but he does all of the work.
What does any of this have to do with the article in your paper? Nothing. I'm just trying to show what kind of person says he's being "discriminated against." In my opinion, his only goal in life is to get over on anybody he can. He is only looking for someone else to sue and always uses the race card if you don't agree with him.
Aqua Shores is a wonderful place to live. The people are wonderful. The only person on Bass Lane that can't get along with his neighbors is Taylor, and since he has never gotten along with any of his neighbors, I would like to offer this suggestion: move. Solve most of your problems and all of our neighborhood problems. Then Bass Lane would truly be Heaven on Earth.
David Weinberg

Missing face of fitness

I was very disappointed when I read the article concerning areas of fitness in Shelbyville (“Faces of Fitness, Jan. 12) that my Jazzercise center was not included.  It offers classes every day with high- and low-impact exercises, plus strength training. Jazzercise is a highly successful health-oriented program that can be beneficial for any age or size, woman or man.  I encourage and challenge anyone that wants a healthier life to check out a class soon. It could be the best decision you will ever make. I am more fit and active now because I made the choice.
Sue O’Donnell


As a 15-year veteran of Jazzercise, I found the omission of this program to be totally irresponsible. I have tried several exercise programs and have found Jazzercise a workout that one can enjoy as well as becoming fit and staying fit. To insult not only a great instructor but a client of your newspaper and a small business owner in Shelbyville by such an action shows a total lack of respect, not only for the owner but the students who attend her classes.

Jan Hurst