Letters to the Editor: Dec. 4, 2013

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Bypass traffic

While driving Freedom’s Way (aka the bypass) daily, I find myself time for musing a bit. What if the southbound lane intersection at U.S. 60 had a right-turn-only lane going west? There are three lanes. One could be for the left turn, one straight and one right.

So many times I have watched a line of cars in the right-hand lane with turn signals on waiting, waiting, waiting behind one car, which happens to be going straight. You cannot get past that car because of an ungodly curb buildup. Conceivably to deter doing so?

Also, coming northbound and waiting to turn east onto U.S. 60, people sit forever during a red light. There is only one lane of eastbound oncoming traffic from the west, so you basically get a “green light” if you just stay in the lane! Wondering if perhaps I’ll have less time for musing if anyone reads this.

Jo Thompson Strong



Vet appreciation

Though time goes by quickly, my many years as an Army wife came rushing back recently at our Veterans Day ceremony at Collins High School. My husband, Fran, who does not often attend activities due to his night work schedule, felt very humbled to be honored in this way and was extremely impressed with the quality of our program, our student body as a whole, our band and orchestra students, our chorus and our cadets.

I looked at all of our students standing because someone they know and love is now serving or has served, and I remembered, through the eyes of a family, just how much it impacts that family for the rest of their lives. I thought back to the tiny Army hospital in Germany where my son Patrick came into the world and how those soldiers and their families became our family when our own families were thousands of miles away. I thought about Sunday dinnerand how it would be interrupted by a phone call to duty, not knowing where my husband would be going or how long he might be gone and not being able to answer the question, “When will daddy be home to read me a story?” I thought about cleaning and clearing quarters and moving 13 times in as many years – we and our children making friends, changing schools, leaving friends, only to pick up and do it all over again.

Fran loves to tell people about being in his tank on night maneuvers in the desert. All was silent until the radio call, announcing to all and congratulating him on the birth of his new daughter.

Every day our students are moving through life with events like these that the rest of the world sometimes doesn’t understand. I am so very proud to be a part of a school family that takes the time to stop, to appreciate and to educate our young people about those who serve and the freedoms they protect.

Terry Graney

Collins High School


Shopping local

On Friday I broke my lifelong boycott against shopping on Black Friday by buying Christmas gifts only from locally owned businesses in Shelbyville. I bought wooden toys for the little ones, vintage stuff for the adults. Buy local!

Leslie McBride