Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29, 2010

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Pipeline is unnecessary

To me, as a taxpayer, it looks like the Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer management sees the proposed water pipeline project as "free money looking for a way to be spent" (“Shelbyville moves ahead with studies for water pipeline,” Dec. 8). These federal, state and local "grants" they are getting and seeking are our money. There are many reasons this project is not necessary and too costly.
First of all, even mentioned in the article, an extensive and costly study in 2008 found that the city's water supply from Guist Creek Lake is adequate, without the need for dredging, for an annual average use of 4 million gallons per day. That provides for a million gallons of water in excess of current usage.
Therefore, there is no need to look for an additional water supply by spending $45 million of our tax money to "tie in" to the pipeline being constructed from Louisville to Frankfort. And if the city were to construct pipelines within the county to tie into this line, the city would, as I recall from a previous article, have to guarantee to purchase 2 million gallons per day from the Louisville water source.
This pipeline from Louisville to Frankfort will be constructed regardless of whether the city of Shelbyville connects to it or not, so it will always be there as an option.
Another "reason" given to spend this huge amount of our money is for Shelbyville City Water and Sewer to be able to sell their service outside the city and even outside the county.
Why spend $45 million to $50 million to "grow" completely outside of its service area? If Shelbyville were indeed to grow in population by 25 percent (which is unlikely) and began to use the extra million gallons per day available from its current source, then at that time a dredging of Guist Creek Lake to increase capacity would cost a whole lot less than constructing new county pipelines and purchasing water from Louisville.
With our governments running up unbelievable deficits and mortgaging our children's future, we must say no to these unnecessary and wasteful expenditures.  
Jim Hurtt

Thanks to sheriff

We send our sincere thanks to Sheriff Mike Armstrong, his office and to all those helping with the 30th annual Tom Lincoln Memorial Golf Scramble, which benefits the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch. Their support and help ensures we continue to reach Kentucky’s youth in a positive manner.
The ranch provides a weeklong camp experience to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 11 from throughout Kentucky who could not otherwise afford to go to camp. We strive to redirect the lives of these children, to build their self-esteem and moral character and to teach them to have respect for themselves, others and law enforcement professionals.
Thanks again for an outstanding event.
Jerry Wagner, Executive Director
Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys & Girls Ranch