Letters to the Editor, Dec. 28, 2011

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Let’s keep watching


I attended the Sept. 20 meeting of Triple S Planning and Zoning, and on the agenda

was a 73-acre parcel of the Ruble property for which the City of Shelbyville was requesting an I-1 industrial zoning. I make the time to attend almost all of the monthly planning and zoning meetings because I care about what happens to the county I live in.  Some would say it makes no difference, but I have seen in a lot of situations where it surely does, and it did at this meeting.  Planning and Zoning denied this zone change.

There was standing room only of all of the adjacent property owners and others in the county who spoke against this zone change. I want to say thank you to all of these people

for caring about where they live. The general theme of everyone who spoke was

about the quality of life in Shelby County.

It is so precious, because once it is gone, it will not be coming back.  It is worth fighting for. We still can make a difference in Shelby County if we stay involved.

I ask all who attended that planning and zoning meeting also to appear at the city council meetings as the city continues to consider its final decision on this matter.

There are 198.8 acres of unused land zoned industrial. Let’s use those acres first!

Vivian Hayes

Shelby County 


Thanks to helpful officer


I want to do something that has rarely been done, and it is to say thank you to the police officer that stopped me on Mount Eden Rd on Dec. The officer flashed his lights, and in my mind I am thinking, "What have I done to get stopped for?"

The officer walked along the passenger side of my vehicle to talk to me through the passenger window, which I rolled down. He asked me if I was aware that I have a problem with my rear passenger rear tire. I replied I wasn't aware of anything being wrong. He said it was  wobbling really bad and then asked me to pull forward just a little and then back up some while he stood to the side to watch it.

After I did as he asked, he told me that it was making a scrubbing sound, and he didn't think it was safe to be driving, maybe a bearing or something was going out of it.

I can say I have never been stopped to give me insight of a possible problem with my vehicle, so that is why I am writing this letter. I have contacted dispatch, leaving my contact information, to help me find this particular officer to personally thank him again.

I know that police officers are rarely told thank you enough, but I am stepping forward to do just that. They risk their own lives to help others often, while not having much family time due to their schedules, but I want this officer to know I appreciate his attention paid to my vehicle that day. He just may have saved my life as well as someone else’s.

Robin Ritter


Chocolate Saturday


SMART, thank you for sponsoring the Small Business Saturday on Nov. 26. The Chocolate Stroll was just the best way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Thank you for creating a festive, ideal way to see all the quaint shops in downtown Shelbyville. Each unique business met you with the friendly atmosphere of hometown feeling. Each shop had the perfect holiday gift and for all year around, too.

Nancy Williams