Letters to the Editor: Dec. 18, 2013

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Donate life

As we gather with family during the holiday, many of us wish to give back and help others. Often, we struggle to find the time and means to do so. However, this Christmas, there is something everyone can do that costs nothing, takes less than a minute and gives hope to thousands of children, adults and their families in need.

Families like Braxton Upthegrove from Fayette County. Braxton received his first kidney transplant from his father at 6 years old. Now 16, his kidney is weakening. He is on dialysis 10 hours every night. He needs another transplant, and now his family must depend on the generosity of others.

Braxton is one of over 900 children and adults in Kentucky waiting for a life-saving transplant. In the nation 120,000 patients wait. Each day 18 people die waiting for their Gift of Life. If you “hate the wait” like we do, please consider joining the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

As your circuit court clerk, I’ve been involved with our Trust For Life for many years. My staff and I ask every person obtaining a license or ID if they would like to donate $1 to raise awareness about this life-saving mission. Even more important, we ask everyone to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. It only takes a moment to say yes. We feel honored to give everyone the opportunity to be hope and save lives – in a quick and simple way – every day.

Thanks to the kindness of this community and the dedication my hardworking staff, many of you have already joined the registry over the years. However, the need is still there. Only 40 percent of Kentuckians are registered donors. Everyone, regardless of medical history, can join the registry to give hope to those waiting today. It’s easy. Join online www.donatelifeky.orgor call 866-945-5433.

Remember, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted” (Aesop). Let the “giving spirit” reach every corner of our county, soothing souls of families we may never know. Your “yes” gives hope to kids like Braxton and all people in need of a transplant.

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday season

Lowry S. Miller

Shelby County Circuit Court Clerk


Where’s Christmas spirit?

Recently my son went to the Waddy Convenience Center. After unloading, he got back in his truck, and it wouldn’t start. Having his own battery cables, he ask the man on his left if he could get a jump-start. The man said he didn’t do that kind of thing. Then he asked the man on his right side, and he was told to ask someone else. After a while the man working there gave him a start. Since my son helps everyone in need, he was more hurt than angry. Anyway, I wish these Grinches a Merry Christmas.

Mickie Booth