Letters to the Editor: Aug. 20, 2014

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Impressed by interns


Dear Editor:

Time and time again we hear about how the younger generation doesn’t have the same values and goals in life as they use to.  Well, we are here to tell you that we don’t agree at all. 

Over the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to have four students to work with us through our Internship Program with the two local high schools and it turned out beyond our expectations.  The schools selected two students each to send to us for a six-week internship.  They each worked in one of four different departments in the Bank.  The students were: Joey Heyser and Anna Henry, from Shelby County High School; and Lydia Lopez, and Precious Youngblood from Collins High School.

Over the six weeks we got to know each of our students and to see firsthand what kinds of young adults they were.  Not only were they bright and intelligent, they were hard workers, dedicated and well mannered.  It turned out that we learned as much from the program as they did!  We had the chance to see firsthand what they and their peers look for in a job and a bank, which was invaluable to us.  Not to mention just what great kids they were. 

We want to take this time to thank the students, their parents and their schools for allowing us to have each of them to spend the summer with us.  It was a wonderful learning experience all the way around.  We can’t wait to do it again next year!



David Bowling, CEO; Kim Davis, Senior V.P. Marketing; Chris Dew, Chief Financial Officer; Nicole Durbin, Executive V.P. Risk Management; Rhonda Huddleston, Senior V.P./Bank Counsel/Loan Administration



Not happy with outlet mall opening weekend traffic


I have to differ with Ms. [Gina] Slechta's [vice president of marketing for Horizon Group Properties] statement of "short waits, nothing over an hour, in fact, there was nothing over thirty minutes". My neighbor said it took her one hour [and] fifteen minutes to get from U.S. 60 to Taylorwood Road on Saturday. On Sunday, returning from a short trip I visited my Mother at Oaklawn. We came out U.S. 60 and as soon as we turned onto Buck Creek had to stop. This was around 1:00. We would inch up when someone in front of us made a U-turn. After 20 minutes and getting no further than Dollar General, I did a U-turn. Went West on 60 [to] Colt Run to Connor Station to 148 to Veechdale to Mahuron. This took an additional 30 minutes. I figure they were favoring traffic from the interstate.

I suggest Ms. Slechta get in her car and start driving around to see just how bad it can get.

One problem I see is not enough lanes turning into the mall.

Our church is having a meeting at noon this Sunday.  Guess I'd better skip it.


Linda Humphress




Not content with outlet mall traffic plan


What a joke that Simpsonville's [Police] Chief [Chip] Minnis said that he is "...working with the residents to make sure their everyday flow back and forth to their homes will not been impeded..." Exactly which residents has he worked with? No one near our home that we are aware of.

[Simpsonville City Administrator] David Eaton told me in a phone conversation not to worry about traffic, that the residents have been considered in their traffic plan. It's hard to imagine how the traffic could have been much worse. Didn't Eaton and Mayor Eden visit the Atlanta area Horizon outlet to learn how to prevent the same problems that development had during their opening? Isn't the mall manager supposed to have learned from his previous job in Atlanta how to be a good neighbor to the local residents?

How would Minnis, Eaton, Eden, the mall manager, and the Horizon management like it if they were unable to get to their homes?  What is being done to be sure that the traffic issues don't occur again?


Jamie Jarboe