Letters to the Editor: Aug. 15, 2012

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Outlet mall questions grow

Shelby County’s Comprehensive Plan web site states the following:

”At the Triple S Planning Commission, our job is to guarantee that the 13,000 people who move to Shelby County over the next two decades receive the services that they need to prosper, while ensuring that those who live here now can continue to enjoy Shelby County’s rural charm and high quality of life.”

Has anyone received an answer to the question of how the proposed outlet malls at the Simpsonville exit meet this goal of ensuring our rural charm and quality of life? With the second group now scheduled to address the public on Thursday, we will again hear how wonderful an outlet mall and its associated businesses will be for the local residents and for Shelby County.

With 16.2 acres designated Interchange Commercial, it seems that the planning commission wisely set aside a reasonable amount of land for development at this site.  The remaining 66.2 acres is zoned Agriculture and should remain so. This area cannot absorb such a huge development as proposed by Trio Property Development and Water Street Development, much less two with the other proposed by Horizon Group.  Is it really possibly to have two large outlet malls across the street from each other operate successfully? Have the planning commission and the City of Simpsonville thoroughly researched the big picture of having this type of development here?

Many of the same concerns and arguments that have been expressed for the Horizon development apply to Trio. Let’s hope that some of the leaders in Shelby County will have the backbone to say that these outlet malls are not what is needed at Exit 28. The truck stop property is largely unleased and has been vacant for years – does it really make sense to go ahead with more development? 

So many questions and so few answers!

Jamie Jarboe



Law enforcement help

I recently had the opportunity to manage a fireworks sales tent in Simpsonville. It was quite an experience to say the least. I would like to thank all the folks who came out and made this a successful venture in spite of the stifling heat. I would also like to thank the workers at the Valero Short Stop in whose parking lot we were set up. Without them we may not have survived those 2 weeks. Unfortunately one night we had a couple of burglaries and had to ask for the Simpsonville Police to ride through occasionally to let their presence be known in hopes of deterring any more would be thugs. Along with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, who also did some ride by's, they were able to keep us from anymore incidents. I would especially like to thank Officer Tim Hurt of the Simpsonville Police Department as he went out of his way numerous times over the 2 weeks to patrol near our tent and was able to apprehend a suspect in one theft and obtain identities of his four accomplices. He is certainly to be commended for his dedication to protecting the community. I know that my nephew (who worked with me) and I greatly appreciated it.

Gary Wilson and Curtis Barrett (nephew)


Too busy for loved ones?

Were you too busy to take time and read this letter? We all, these days, live in a rushed and busy life style, but do we really have to live that way? We somehow find time for the things we like to do. So why can’t we make time for the loved ones in our lives? As we go through life, we forget what is important. Then, as we get older, we finally learn the important things, but sometimes it’s too late. I’m sure if we all try hard we can find the time to spend with those loved ones in our lives. Just remember Jesus is first, and our loved ones are next to be loved and treasured every moment they are here with us. So spend time with those you love, because one of these days, you will say either “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did.”

Bobby Webb