Landlord says dog the reason pipes not fixed

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By The Staff

Rental property owner Allen Murphy, who came under fire last week for allegedly refusing to fix frozen pipes in a trailer he owns in Waddy, said his refusal to fix the pipes wasn’t vindictive.

“Did he [renter Fred Harrington] tell you he owns a vicious dog? I bet he didn’t tell you that,” Murphy said when came to offices of The Sentinel-News. “I told him I wouldn’t fix the pipes until he got rid of that dog.”

Murphy declined to comment any further. When contacted by phone last week, seeking his comment on the conflict with Harrington, Murphy only said, “No comment, thank you,” before hanging up the phone.

At that time, Harrington claimed that he had been without water in his trailer for nearly a month. Harrington had been renting from Murphy for four months.

Although he was allowed to move in with the animal, Murphy said that the dog was the reason he would not fix the water.

After talking to The Sentinel-Newsand the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office last Tuesday, Harrington found a note taped to his door that gave him three days to leave the property. The trailer, at 2701 Waddy Road, had a no trespassing sign on the door on Saturday morning.

Harrington said if he could back the February rent he had paid that he would leave the premises. He later stood outside the Love’s Truck Stop in Waddy with a sign asking for help.