Keep farm programs

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By The Staff

Food is our nation's best buy, a better buy than health care and about one-half the cost of housing.

According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, by the middle of February, the average American has earned enough to pay their food bill for the year. It takes only 10.9 percent of your disposable income to get the best, most affordable, safest, abundant supply of food in the world. The United Kingdom gets close at 11.2 percent, France at 18 percent, all the way up to the Sudan at 60.5 percent. Imagine having to spend half of your paycheck for food.

All this could and most likely will change if we don't keep strong farm programs in this country.

Both houses of Congress have passed their version of a new Farm Bill. Now they have to somehow put the two bills together in one the President will sign. Hopefully when it is done, we will have farm policy that will continue to strongly support American production of food and fiber and we can all continue to enjoy the standard of living we now enjoy.

Care must be taken. Food and fiber prices are being pushed up by high energy prices. Our food is processed, shipped, cooled and packaged before most of us get to take it home. All of this takes some kind of energy to accomplish and the cost of imported oil is pushing all energy prices up.

We must not allow our nation to become as dependent on foreign-produced food the way our nation depends upon foreign oil Protect your way of life; protect your American-grown food supply. Today's farm programs cost the average American household less than 50 cents per day, less than a cup of coffee, about one-half the cost of that small bottle of water we all like to carry around. This is cheap insurance that you can continue to have the best, most affordable, most safe and most abundant supply of food in the world.

Contact your congressman and senators; ask them to support strong farm programs, programs that stabilize food and fiber production in America, the part that has worked so well for so long. But don't stop there. Call friends and family all over the country and ask that they call their legislators and ask that they support farm programs that stabilize food and fiber production in America. Programs that stabilize production are the key. That's what you need to ask for. That's what strong farm policy has done and must continue to do if you want an affordable, safe, abundant supply of American-grown food. You and your family deserve the best. Ask for it.

Take care of your food and fiber supply. I don't want my children and grandchildren to pay even 20 percent of their income for food. Do you? Get involved. I sure hope you will.

Congressman Ron Lewis, phone number 202-225-3501

Senator Jim Bunning, phone number 202-224-4343

Senator Mitch McConnell, phone number 202-224-2541

John Wills,