Honors at Corpus Christi Academy

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Megan Zoeller, a student from Corpus Christi Academy, won the state competition and has advanced to the regional competition in the Lions' Club Peace Poster Contest.

Students recognized for academic excellence on the National Latin Exam were Samantha Hosein and Vanesa Rohlin, with a certificate of merit.

Students from Corpus Christi Academy joined 148,000 students taking the exam from across the United States and Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan, the UK and Zimbabwe.

John Paul, Anne Poole and Josie Zoeller were winners in the Right to Life Essay contest. John Paul Poole received first place in 11th and 12th division for his title, "What If I Were Part of the 40 Year Legacy," and Anne Poole received third for "The World Without God.”

Josie Zoeller took second place for the ninth and 10th division, for her title, "Effects of Abortion on Men.”