Hometown Manor seeks volunteers

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By Ashley Sutter

Cornhole and pizza parties may not be the first thing you associate with an assisted living community, but according to Michael Berg, the executive director at Hometown Manor in Shelbyville, they like to “look beyond bingo.”

Hometown Manor, a community that serves just 11 residents, cares for “those people that shouldn’t be alone in their homes, but are not ready for a nursing home,” Berg said.

The small community is currently seeking volunteers of all ages to assist in a variety of activities and services.

“High school volunteers are great for the summer,” Berg said. “Elementary and middle school students can volunteer, but their parents would need to be with them.”

Smaller children can assist by playing board games, singing songs, and doing crafts. 

“The residents love having the little children around, I think it reminds them of their grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren, for some,” he said.

Older volunteers may help in a variety of ways like decorating for the holidays or resident’s birthday parties, cleaning, or helping make dessert.

“The important thing is simply spending time with the residents,” he said. “One lady [volunteer] loves to read. Rather than sitting at home alone, reading to herself, she comes out and reads to our residents.”

Berg stressed the value of having volunteers at their community.

“Volunteering is, a lot of times, mutually beneficial for both parties,” he said.  “It’s important for residents to be up and out of their rooms and having social interaction.”

Berg said this is the perfect opportunity for those seeking volunteer work but are apprehensive about working in a busy and crowded environment.

“Volunteering can be intimidating to some, but our community is not some huge facility,” he said.  “It’s more of a home-life environment.”

Those wishing to volunteer can do so at their convenience, without a time commitment.

“We are willing to meet the needs of our volunteers,” he said.  “We are just thankful for anything we can get.”

For more information or to volunteer, contact Berg at Hometown Manor at 502-428-2810 or at Michael@hometownmanor.com.