High school math now open to all qualifying middle school students

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By Scotty McDaniel

The Shelby County Public Schools Board declared a positive first reading Thursday of policy 08.113, which would to allow all middle school students who qualify to take high school level algebra early for credit toward graduation.

The policy had limited the possibility to eighth-graders who had mastered middle school math, but last month the board waived the policy so a single upcoming seventh-grader could take algebra I for high school credit. That got Superintendent James Neihof thinking.

“I believe that we shouldn’t have a grade-level limitation on when a student is ready to take algebra I. If they’re ready to take algebra I at an earlier age, that should be allowed. So we’re requesting that we change this policy so we don’t have an age limitation on when a child can take algebra I,” Neihof said.

With the board’s positive vote, the 8th-grade limitation has been removed, allowing all qualifying middle school students to take high school math.

The board voted positively to:

* Award a bid for the Offsite Sanitary Sewer Extension for Martha Layne Collins High School to low-bidder Charles Deweese Construction for $165,079.

* Award a contract for investment and approve a secondary bond of depository to invest revenue more simply.

* Approve the Memorandum of Agreement with Kentucky Department of Education for Jodie Zeller for the position of Education Quality and Diversity, and Kathy Mansfield for Library Media Specialist Consultant.

* Waive the board policy regarding the use of buses by outside groups so the 2009-2010 Young Leaders Institute can transport students for field trips.

* Waive board policy so the SCHS boys' golf team and rifle team could participate in a Sunday activity.

* Waive board policy so West Middle School can use a common carrier for a field trip.