'He could do everything'

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By Lisa King

Marvin Crouch is one of kind. Everybody says so, especially people who know him well.

After 50 years of employment with the same company, he retired last Friday, amid tears, laughter, and a party in his honor.

Diane Stephens, assistant manager at Bumper to Bumper, said she will really miss him.

"That says it all," she said, pointing to a banner that stretched across the front of the shop bearing the words, "50 years of friendship, loyalty and the Best Service in Town."

Crouch, who started working at the shop in 1959, said what he will miss most about working is being with people. And they will miss him, too, his friends said.

"He worked for me for almost 30 years until I retired in 1995, and I can tell you that were a lot of people that came in that shop to see him," Waddy Jesse said. "They wanted him to wait on them and they would ask him about lots of things, because he knew how to do everything, plumbing, electrical working, mechanic...he could do it all."

Jesse said he has stayed in touch with Crouch because "he still means so much to me."

"He is a special individual," he said. "He was an outstanding employee, always on time, He had many, many friends."

Dudley Bottom also used to work with Crouch.

"We became close friends the six years we worked together," he said. "Farmers would come in all the time and ask him questions about how to fix their tractors, and he would always take the time to talk to him."

Bottom has also stayed in touch with Crouch.

"He's crazy about old cars, and he's been working on old an Model A Ford since 1964," he said. "And he's finally got it all fixed up, and I'm looking forward to riding around in it with him."

Crouch said he is looking forward to working on his antique tractors with his son, Todd.

"What do I plan to do with my spare time now?" Crouch reflected on that question.

"Well, I guess I'll work on my tractors and eat," he said with a grin.

His wife, Deanie Logan, said she is looking forward to "having a man around the house."

"I'm sure he do some cooking and grilling, and he'll just help out however he can," she said. "He's just that kind of person."