Good people in Shelbyville

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By The Staff

After my last letter was printed regarding my disappointment concerning local dentists failing to show me any concern and work with me on a payment plan for a filling I received a couple of calls from folks in the Shelbyville area.

Just after I had written to the editor about that situation I did find a dentist in Shelbyville who would work with me on payments. When I called this office I didn't have to wait for call backs or "earth shattering" decisions. The first young lady I spoke to at Main Street Dental was able to assure me a payment plan would be worked out. I was able to see the dentist early the following week. After my letter was printed a family called me and told me they would pick the costs for having my filling replaced. They would not give me their name and would not allow me to pay them back. I heard from the dentist's office that they had gone in and paid my balance. Another neighbor called to say he had spoken to his dentist and she said she would see me and work with me if I called her.

There are good people in Shelbyville and I want to thank those who made the effort to contact me. I never did hear from any of the offices that were going to "call me back" but luckily because I made one more phone call I did find Main Street Dental. Thank you to those folks and the family that paid my balance.

I pray daily to find a new job so I can catch up on a lot of things. I am grateful that one issue has been dealt with. Thanks again to those who cared.

Abbe Henkel,