Food service inspections, June

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These reports are provided to The Sentinel-News by the Department for Public Health.


Paradise Spirits & Fine Wine, 194 Frankfort Rd., 7/7/14, regular, 100%

Tomorrow’s Promise Childcare, 626 Frankfort Rd., 7/7/14, regular, 98% - All products must be dated, with date opened or date to be thrown away; microwave unclean, can opener unclean

Clear Creek FAC Concession II, 717 Burks Branch Rd., 6/2/14, regular, 98% - Need screen over vent in storage room

Harvest Coffee & Café, 524 Main St., 6/2/14, regular, 100%

Speedway LLC #9639, 1533 Midland Trail, 6/2/14, regular, 97% - fans in walk-in cooler unclean; personal items stored with food items in food prep area for resale, no personal items may be stored in these areas

La Coscada Mexican Restaurant, 182 Midland Blvd., 6/2/14, regular, 95% - All products must have name and date made, or (Date) to be thrown away; All potentially hazardous/raw foods must be stored on bottom shelf away from ready to eat foods; ceiling and walls in women’s restroom in poor repair, ceiling in kitchen area missing tiles; all lights over food service area must have a shield, lights in the refrigerators must have shield or be shatter proof

Brenda’s Café, Simpsonville, 6/3/14, regular, 97% - countertop in bad shape; floors not easily cleanable; light in refrigerator is out

Colonial Hall Nursing Home, 920 Henry Clay, 6/16/14, regular, 96% - All containers once opened must have date, either date made, date to be thrown away or date opened; knife in poor repair, removed from food prep area; wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer solution, not left on counter when wet; can opener unclean, stove and range unclean

Arby’s, P.O. Box 757, 6/16/14, 100%

Cattleman’s Roadhouse, 221 Breighton Circle, 6/16/14, regular, 97% - food scoops must have a handle; sanitizer in dishwasher not operational; sanitizer in buckets not adequate concentration

Dairy Queen, 1670 Midland Trail, 6/23/14, regular, 98% - food being stored in a reach-in freezer not covered other food items sitting on uncovered food

Weissinger Golf Course, 2240 Mt. Eden Rd., 6/23/14, regular, 100%

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, 791 Front Gate Rd., Simpsonville, 6/12/14, regular, 80% - need thermometers in walk-in and check all cooling units; Food thawed at room temperature, 3 ways to thaw: 1 – in walk in, 2 – cooking process, 3 – under cool, running water; cover food in cool and frozen storage, cake toppings stored in direct contact with cardboard box; in use food – ice scoops need handles and store in food with handle up or clean and dry; need soap at hand sink by 3-compartment sink; clean utensils stored on wall behind 3-compartment sink being sprayed with water, standing water in scoops, single service items need to be stored eating end down; 3-compartment sink sprayer is leaking; floors need cleaning, check under equipment, mop up standing water; toxic item stored next to food.

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, 791 Front Gate Rd., 6/24/14, follow-up, 100%

Carrisa Snack Bar, #7 Southville Pike, date not given, regular, 100%

Hometown Pizza, 1745 Midland Trail, 6/16/14, regular, 84% - foods in walk-in expired; all containers must be labeled with date made, date to be thrown away or date opened; thermometers not available in multiple refrigerators; meats being thawed in hot water – disposed of; can opener in poor repair, needs new blade; test strips unavailable, need chlorine and Qvat test strips; hood vents unclean, pizza oven unclean; floors in dishwasher area in poor repair and unclean; walls in poor repair

Hometown Pizza, 1745 Midland Trail, 6/25/14, follow up, 98% - sanitizer buckets must have sanitizer in them, must be tested; floors unclean in dishwash area.

Huck’s, 7117 Shelbyville Rd., 6/25/14, regular, 93%/97% - Food service: expired eggs in food service cooler (corrected); chemical test strips unavailable; vents in walk-in unclean, pizza oven unclean, microwave unclean; clean service utensils stored in an unclean bin; Retail: expired milk and sour cream dip (corrected); food products stored on floor in walk-in and in retail area; cappuccino machines unclean, microwave unclean

ValuMart, 6900 Shelbyville Rd., 6/25/14, regular, 94/98% - Food Service: all products must have product name, date made, date opened (for bulk containers) or date to be thrown away; chemical test strips unavailable; soda machine nozzles unclean; lights in hot hold area must be shatter proof – must either be shielded or have shatter-proof coating; floors in poor repair; Retail: expired milk and other grade A Dair Products and expired medicines (corrected); Walk-in fan guards unclean, soda machine nozzles unclean; floors in poor repair and unclean, wlak-in floors unclean

Tienda Genesis, 6906 Shelbyville Rd., 6/25/14, regular, 94/98% - Retail: expired medicine and medicines without English (corrected); eggs stored over ready to eat foods; Food Service: expired milk (corrected); all containers must be labeled with date made, opened or to be thrown away; oven, microwave and range unclean

Subway – Simpsonville, 799 Aristicrat Ct., 6/25/14, regular, 99% - soda nozzles unclean

Welcome House, P.O. Box 136, 6/30/14, regular, 100%

Horizons Learning Center, 511 Taylorsville Road, 7/7/14, regular, 100%

Advanced Fresh Concepts, 311 Boone Station Rd., 7/7/14, regular, 99% - label containers with product name

Rocky Fork Feeders, 8066 Dove Rd., 7/11/14, regular, 100%