Flying high

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By Nathan L. McBroom

After several weeks of designing and constructing their own kites from scratch, seventh graders in Cynthia Bell's class at West Middle School got to go outside on Tuesday afternoon to see how well their kites could fly.

Although it was a sunny day with plenty of wind, not all of the students found it easy to get their kites in the air.

Kara Wagner was able to get her kite in the air but only for short periods of time and only when the wind was blowing at its strongest. Wagner said the weight of the kite and the area the kite covers will determine how well it flies.

Others students were a bit more successful getting their kites in the air.

Marcos Rojas was able to easily guide his kite high up into the sky. Rojas had his grandfather help him design his kite, the first he has made. After other students were unsuccessful at making their kites fly, Rojas let them take turns flying his kite.

The kite making exercise was incorporated into the students' study of math and physics. It was also a good excuse to go outside and experience a perfect day to fly a kite.