Florist open after shop damaged Saturday

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By Lisa King

A local florist is open for business as usual after the shop was damaged Saturday during a sort of freak accident, the owner said.

“There was a big hole in the wall, and we will have to replace our furnace and air-conditioning unit. It was a horrible mess,” said Sharon Nichols, owner of Flowers by Sharon on the corner of Main and 6th streets.

The shop was damaged Saturday night when a car parked in the lot behind the shop slipped out of gear, rolling down the incline and smashing in the back of the building, Nichols said.

She added that an employee at the Bell House had parked in her lot, with her permission, and was at work when the accident happened at about 6 p.m.

Nichols said the car ran into the building’s central air unit, pushing it through the wall and, making a hole in the building and rupturing a gas line.

“There’s quite a bit of damage; the cash register was even turned upside down,” Nichols said. “But we’re open today; we’re making casket sprays,” she said.

She added she was glad that that shop was closed when the incident happened, and expressed thanks that it wasn’t a worse accident.

“At least none of our computers got damaged, and no one was hurt,” she said. “Insurance can fix the rest.”