First person: Dee Dee Davis on softball and family guidance

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By Laura Clark

Senior Dee Dee Davis is a captain and the starting second baseman for the Rockets' softball team (11-9). She also played basketball at SCHS, but she  will be playing softball for Northern Kentucky University next year.

On her leadership on the field:

I’m always the vocal one. Even in sixth grade, I was always the one -- not telling people what to do, but just knowing what’s going on and what everybody needs to be doing.

Hannah Stucker and I, we’re always the ones trying to get everybody pumped up and focused each and every game. But still have fun.

  On the up and down season:

We still have a whole lot of potential. I think we’ll pull it together around tournament time. We always do. Like last year, we had an up and down season and when tournament time came we got it together and made a run and made it to state.

I think we really need to focus on our defense, especially early in the game. That seems to be where we seem to be giving up runs.

Also getting hits all the way through the line up instead of just a couple people being successful. It’s not just one person. It’s going to have to be everybody.

  On her younger teammates’ growing confidence:

I think a lot of it is that they haven’t been put in those situations before. I guess youth plays a part in it. They’re getting better as the season goes on. You have to develop -- not cockiness -- but you have to be confident when you step in the batter’s box. You have to be confident when you get that ground ball hit to you or when you get that pop up fly. You have to know you’re going to make that play. They’ve matured.

  On the goals for the rest of the season:

Well, I definitely hope we make it back to state. Just for everybody to come together, especially defense. I think we can come around and get the hits when it matters, especially when it comes to region play. I don’t think there’s anybody in the region who can overpower us pitching-wise. So if everybody can get their defense, and really focus on the first couple innings…

  On choosing to play for NKU:

Well, I love basketball as much as softball. I think that I’m better at softball, and I really love it. I went up there and talked with the coach and stuff. I really liked the area, the program and the coach. They have a senior second baseman this year, so I’ll be able to compete for my position. I’ll be able to make an impact early on and not wait until my junior or senior year.

  On her family’s support:

My parents have been divorced, so I never really lived with him (her father, SCHS basketball legend Terry Davis). But I guess I’ve always been in his shadow. Really the pushing, the practicing in the backyard -- that came more with my brother and my mom. My brother (Terry Davis Jr.) was the father figure that made me get out there and take ground balls and made me get out there and hit. He really got me involved with the summer program and out of Shelby County. It’s easy to sit in your hometown, and you get praised, but when you go out you see that you’re just one in a million. Everybody has talent. So it makes you see you have to work hard if you want to be successful and get to the next level.

  On the high school split:

I guess I don’t really think about it, but there is more pressure this year on the coaching staffs and in the community. Everybody is like, it’s the last year, and they want us to succeed. Obviously with the split, the athletics will probably be down for a little while until they rebuild. So there’s a lot of high expectations from a lot of people. With some coaching staffs this might be the last team they coach with that much talent for a while.

But really, we just go out there and play. I don’t think the younger girls are thinking of the impact it could have.

 On her future plans:

I’m going to major in math and be a high school math teacher. Northern has a really good math program. It’s always come easy to me. I’ve always had really good math teachers. I love working with numbers. And I guess in sports you always have the statistics and stuff, so that’s always been around.

Eventually I want to teach at the college level. I definitely want to coach softball. But I love basketball, too. I just want to get my foot in the door.

With my whole family it’s all been sports oriented. My brother coaches college baseball. I see the things that he gets to do, and that makes me want to do that some day.