Fast scheduled to make plea agreement Monday

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New charges in unrelated crime in another county could hold things up, prosecutor says

By Lisa King

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Joshua Fast, 24, of Crestwood is expected to plead guilty in December in connection with the 2008 death of a Shelbyville man, David Fletcher.

His he plea agreement has been postponed twice, and Shelby County Commonwealth Attorney Laura Donnell said a new charge against Fast in another county, unrelated to the murder case here, may interfere with that, but she’s not sure.

“I don’t know what will happen now because of that,” she said.

Fast is scheduled to appear in Shelby Circuit Court Dec. 6, to be offered the opportunity to plead guilty to reckless homicide, instead of the original charge of complicity to second-degree manslaughter, as well as the original charge of second-degree burglary.

Assistant Shelby County Commonwealth Attorney Melanie Carroll had said earlier if Fast does not enter a plea in Shelby Circuit Court in December, he will be given a date for a jury trial.

Fast incurred burglary and theft-related charges in October in Oldham County. The burglary charge was dismissed there on Nov. 24, but two charges of theft, including theft of a controlled substance, were sent to the Oldham County Grand Jury for review. No indictment has been returned yet.

Timothy Carpenter, 24, of La Grange, who was with Fast and their friend David Fletcher when Fletcher was shot and killed during what police say was a failed burglary, pleaded guilty in October to reckless homicide and second-degree burglary.

His sentencing also is scheduled for Monday.

Carroll has recommended that each receive a 10-year sentence, 5 years for reckless homicide and 5 years for the burglary charge, to run consecutively.

Carpenter and Fast were in a pickup truck outside a home on Brown Avenue in Shelbyville in October 2008 when Fletcher, 28, was shot by a former roommate, Eric Reynolds,  who said he thought Fletcher was an intruder.

Family members said Fletcher, who was moving out of Reynolds’ house, had gone back to get some of his belongings and had broken a window out to gain entrance because he did not have his key and that he didn’t think Reynolds was at home.

Fletcher died when Fast and Carpenter, who were outside in a truck at the time of the shooting, became lost while driving him to get medical help. They eventually called 911, but Fletcher was dead.

Reynolds has not been charged in the case.