A family tradition of ACT perfection

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Finchville’s John Fish follows his brother Jake a perfect score of 36

By Todd Martin

After John Fish handed in his ACT test in February, he said he didn’t feel that great about his work.

“I didn’t think it was my best test day when I took it,” he said.

His father, Tim Fish, said his youngest son had been sick for a few days.

“We were already making plans on the ride how home about how he could take it again,” Tim Fish said.

But, as it turns out, John Fish, a junior at Saint Xavier High School in Louisville, did OK.

In fact, out of the more than 1.6 million students who took the test, Fish was one of the approximately one-tenth of 1 percent who earned a perfect score of 36.

“I originally saw it in on the Web site,” he said. “My mom [Angela Fish] saw it first and told me.”

But there wasn’t a lot of shouting and jumping up and down.

“It was kind of a quiet shock,” Fish said.

The Fishes know a thing or two about how to celebrate perfection – John Fish’s oldest brother, Jake, who now attends the University of Kentucky, also earned a perfect score on the national test just two years ago.

“He never gave me too much trouble about it,” Fish said. “But he did say he expected me to get a 36, so I wouldn’t let the family name down. Now he can’t say that anymore.”

The two brothers are so similar that their scores were even identical.

“It was kind of ironic that my breakdown was a 35 in Math and Reading and a 36 in Writing and Science, and that’s the exact same as my brother’s when he took it,” John Fish said.

Tim Fish said he wasn’t that surprised by the perfect score.

“To tell the truth, the only thing that surprised me was that he was sick for two or three days before it,” he said. “If he hadn’t been sick, I wouldn’t have been shocked that he came back with a thirty-six. He’s retains everything he hears and reads. He’s really a sharp kid.”

With a full load of AP and honors courses, Fish has maintained a 4.0 grade-point average (4.81, weighted), and he said he most enjoys English and social studies.

John does have another brother, David.

“He has the misfortune of being wedged between those two,” Tim Fish jokingly said of his middle son. “But really, we’re lucky to have three great sons. I’m very proud of all of them and of John for pulling this score out.”