Factory worker dies after freak accident at factory

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He was accidentally run over in parking lot by another employee

By Lisa King

A factory worker who was accidentally run over by a car driven by a coworker in the plant’s parking lot Friday has died from his injuries.


Arnoldo Adan Sanchez Roblero, 29, known locally as Omar Vargas, died at the University of Louisville Hospital Friday, about three hours after the accident, which happened just before noon at Kittrich Corporation off Isaac Shelby Drive, said paramedic Jeff Ivers, who is also Chief Deputy Coroner and assistant Shelby County fire chief.

Shelby County sheriff’s detectives said Roblero had gone outside to take a nap under a small porch in the loading dock area.

A female employee had gotten into her late-model KIA to leave, and when she went to back up, her accelerator got stuck, Rice said.

Her car shot backwards, tearing down a chain-link fence and ramming into the small, metal landing, striking Roblero.

It was not known whether he actually was under the metal platform, as was his habit for his lunch break, employees said, or was standing beside it when he was struck. Coworkers said he had just arrived at that spot when the accident occurred.

Ivers said he was not conscious when medical personnel arrived at the scene of the accident.

Stephanie King, an employee at the plant, said it was not until she heard someone shouting, “Call 911,”  that the news about the accident began to spread throughout the plant.

“This is so horrible,” she said. “He was such a nice guy. He went out there often to take a little nap on his lunch break. I just can’t help thinking, it’s such a freak accident, and it’s Friday the thirteenth, too.”

Neither Plant Manager Fred Rudy or the plant’s corporate headquarters in California would comment on the accident.

Sheriff’s Det. Eric Hettinger said that detectives did not intend to conduct an accident reconstruction.

“This is not a traffic accident,” he said. “We are just here to make sure that a criminal act has not been committed.

Roblero was from Guatemala. He was most recently employed at Kittrich, a plant located on Commerce Circle in the Shelby County Industrial Park, that is a distributor of contact and construction paper.

Roblero had been a landscape worker for many years as well.

He was a member of the Church of the Annunciation.

Mass was celebrated for Roblero at the church Tuesday. He will be buried in Guatemala.