Eye on the target

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By Sharon Warner

When the sound of a whistle is heard in the gymnasium at the Education Center at Cropper, students do not rush for basketballs. Instead, an identified group walks politely to a rack and picks up a bow....for archery class. Guidance Counselor Jody Kendall and science teacher Adam Sergent were certified this year to operate a club as well as a class at the alternative school. Both activities are open to students who earn the privilege through meeting grades and behavior expectations. Alyssa Murphy, who is in the class and the club, said, "It (having access to bows and arrows) shows we're not such a bad school of kids after all." Luis Mosquera likes the idea he can be trusted to behave with classmates in such a setting. He had a near-perfect score after the second round. He and classmates agreed it helps them strive to do better and set goals. Luis wants to be a lawyer; Alyssa wants to be a pediatrician.