Encourage bike riding

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By The Staff

I read and liked your Sentinel-News Comment article on Wednesday June 11 which related to gasoline prices, transportation, and health.

When I started working for Roll Forming Corporation in 1994, several of the office employees suggested that I buy a house in Louisville.

"That's where everything is", I was repeatedly told. I indicated that I didn't want to make the drive from Louisville to Shelbyville and back every work day. I was glad that I settled in Shelbyville then, and I'm even more so now, especially with the current gasoline price situation.

Now that gasoline is so expensive I would love to ride my bicycle to and from work. The distance is about six miles each way. I started doing this during the "gasoline shorage" of 1973-1974 while living in North Carolina. If anyone wants to get very lean and build his aerobic endurance this will certainly accomplish the task. The only reason that I haven't started using my bicycle for daily transportation in Shelby County is that it seems so unsafe.

Many larger cities are encouraging bicycle riding and walking with marked roadways, paths, and trails, but smaller communities lag in these areas. The practicality of these forms of short-distance transportation will happen if the safety aspect is addressed. Not only would individuals benefit financially and physically, but the city and county would save money on the transporation of children to and from schools.

If there is an interest in improving the safety of bicycling and walking as alternate means of short-distance transportation I would like to be invloved.

Ron Stewart,