Election2012: Shelby County School Board: Karen Sams

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Sams wants tighter budget

By Todd Martin

Karen Sams said she looks at the Shelby County Board of Education and sees a lack of efficiency.

“The biggest issue facing our school system today is how to provide quality education efficiently,” she said. “I feel this is a shortfall with our current school board, and I chose to run to ensure that change will do us a good.”

That’s why Sams has again entered the race for the school board’s 2nd District. She ran against incumbent Sam Hinkle in 2008 and lost by 17 votes.

Sams, 53, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and currently works for the Kentucky Department for Public Health, she said she hopes to use her background in administrative and fiscal experience to help the board with those tough questions of efficiency.

“I am concerned about the efficient usage of our tax dollars and Shelby County's education system,” she said. “Instead of continual funding by raising taxes, we need to look at what areas the school system can be more efficient. Two schools in Eastern Kentucky were named the top five most efficient schools in the state. Our school board needs to visit these schools to see what they are doing right.”

If elected, Sams said she would like to see the board work set clear and understandable goals.

“My plan is to have very clear goals and objectives for our school system, implement efficiency monitoring standards and expectations, A priority is to have open communication with my constituents in District Two as well as the people of Shelby County.”