Election 2012, Shelbyville City Council: Nathan Riggs

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Riggs looks to regain spot

By Todd Martin

From 2002 to 2006 Nathan Riggs, a Democrat, sat on the Shelbyville City Council, but when he decided to run for County Attorney, Riggs had to give up a shot to continue to run for the council.

He lost that bid, and now after six years off the council, he has decided toss his hat back in the ring for the council.

“I decided this year, as much as I enjoy working with the school board [as their attorney at meetings], I really like talking more than observing,” Riggs said laughingly. “So much of the board is me sitting and waiting until they need my help. I like to have a say in things. I find myself wanting to vote on topics.”

Riggs, 36, is an attorney with Mathis, Riggs and Prather, and was born and raised in Shelbyville. He lives in the western part of the historic residential district and currently serves on the Shelby County Library’s board of trustees and is the chair of the code enforcement board, on which he has served on since 2006. Along with his law practice, Riggs also teaches government at Jefferson Community and Technical College.

Looking ahead to the 2013-14 term on council, Riggs said he believes Shelbyville falls into the same problems as the rest of the country.

“I think we have the same issues facing everybody in the country: We need jobs,” he said. “The council has to do whatever it can to attract jobs. It has to be the top priority. I think more jobs and industry would cure the majority of our problems.

“Shelbyville has had issues with drugs for a long time now, and, of course, there are immigration problems. But if we lower unemployment, a lot of these problems go away.”

Riggs said he believes his experience as an attorney and former council member can give him a leg up.

“Through my work and organizations, I get the chance to talk the average citizen of Shelbyville, and I think I can do a great job representing those citizens and helping them get through these tough times,” he said.