Election 2012: Pleasureville City Commission: Pamela Bramblett

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Bramblett to seek another term

By Lisa King

Pamela Bramblett, an incumbent on 8 years on the Pleasureville City Commission, is seeking another term.

A Pleasureville native, Bramblett, 59, is a retired state employee, having worked at the Department of Environmental Protection for 35 years. She is currently working in residential care at the Apple Patch, a facility for mentally challenged adults in Crestwood, something she has been doing for the past five years.

“It’s very rewarding,” she said.

Bramblett said that what has kept her coming back to serve on the commission, and the reason she is seeking another term, is that she wants to do everything she can for her community.

“I was born and raised in Pleasureville; I have been here my entire life, and I really care about what happens here,” she said. “I want what is best for the community.”

Bramblett said she brings a high standard of ethics to the commission.

“I believe that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong,” she said.

Bramblett said the commission has made substantial progress in many areas during her tenure but that much more needs to be done, and she wants to help promote issues such as economic development and services for the city.

“We need to build up our businesses; we don’t even have a grocery store anymore,” she said. “Also, we are contracting with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office to provide us with some law enforcement, and that is a very positive thing, so I want to help with more things like that.”