Election 2012: District 4 U.S. Congress: William Adkins

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Williamstown attorney seeks Democratic nomination for congress

By Lisa King

William Adkins, a Williamstown attorney, is seeking the 4th congressional district seat being vacated by a 4-term incumbent.
Adkins, 56, a Democrat, has been practicing law in Williamstown in Grant County.
Other than what he calls “an unenergetic run for city council” in 2010 in Williamstown, Adkins has not run for political office.
Despite this, he has been a member of the Grant County Democratic executive committee for 12 years and has chaired the committee from 2008 to present.
He also is treasurer of the Grant County Law Library Association, president of the Grant County Bar Association, a member of the Northern Kentucky Bar Association Board of Directors, and a former member of the Grant County Board of Elections. He received the NKBA “Nick of Time” Award in 2008.
He lists his campaign goals as fighting for the rights of  middle and working class Americans, with a mission to save Medicare and social security.
“I want to provide the opportunity and a ladder for success in achieving the American Dream,” Adkins said. “My primary mission is to address our economy, fight to repeal those failed fiscal policies put in place in 2001-2009 that resulted in our current financial catastrophe and restore confidence in our nation.
“Our budget priorities are to help our citizens, give them a hand up, maintain infrastructure and fund education. We cannot afford to continue those same failed fiscal policies, to let them trickle down relabeled as job creation, and expect a different result.”
Adkins said he is running for congress because he felt that a substantive Democratic candidate should step forward and run an aggressive campaign promoting Democratic values. 
“Certainly I see the open seat as an opportunity, but more importantly, I see it as a historic moment when the nation faces great difficulty, one in which the opposing party chooses paralysis over action,” he said, adding that everyone is playing the blame game.
“The difference I offer? I believe Americans are the solution.”
Adkins and his wife, Betty, have seven children and one granddaughter. He graduated from Chase Law School in Northern Kentucky in 1999.