Election 2012: District 4 Congress: Tom Wurtz

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Kenton businessman wants ideas heard

By Lisa King

Tom Wurtz, a business consultant in Fort Mitchell, is seeking to add a congressional seat to his list of accomplishments.

Wurtz, 56, a Republican, is a newcomer to the political arena who says he believes his business skills he has developed leading The Sheakley Group in Cincinnati are badly needed in congress.

“I believe I have the business skill-sets required to pursue the above agenda,” he said. “As a former president of a seventy-million-dollar company [Sheakley], I’m skilled in problem-solving, bold decision-making, and am a thinker, writer, speaker, innovator, blunt and mentally tough. Congress needs new results-based leaders, not politicians. America is at a tipping point. The fight is now. I’m the right person at the right time to fight the Marxists, socialists and communists who are attacking Congress.”

Wurtz, a member of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party, said his campaign goals include restoring the U.S. Constitution and cutting debt, spending, taxes and regulations by 40 percent over a 4-year period. He said he also would promote a federal income flat tax of 10 percent for corporations and individuals and a 10-year moratorium on the Environmental Protection Agency.

That includes, he said, seeking to “defund and dismantle czars and unelected bureaucrats, unleash energy entrepreneurs to develop coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy to help America achieve 90 percent energy independence within 10 years.”

He said he also would push legislation to have the federal government exit Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and public welfare by returning these programs to the states, free market and charities during a 10-year period.

He is founder of the Eagle Leadership Academy who said he is an avid reader and researcher with a personal library of over 600 business, leadership and political books, and has authored three books. He has a degree in business from Northern Kentucky University.

Wurtz has been married for 35 years and has three daughters and twin granddaughters.