Election 2012: District 4 Congress: Greg Frank

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Obscure Frank likes term limits

By Lisa King

Greg Frank is one of two Democrats running for the open congressional seat in District 4.

Frank, 49, of Corinth, previously has not sought public, and he did not return requests for an interview.

He has no published phone number or address or contact information. He does have a Web site promoting his book, that has some biographical information, but does not include any family information.

He has no photo on the site, and newspapers have not published one for him.

On his Web site, Frank advocates instituting a 2-term limit for all members of Congress and federal judges and wants to reform lobbyists and campaign finance. He outlines some of his philosophies in a book he published in February titledCommon Sense II: Death of Democracy.

Frank has said in interviews that term limits would limit special interests in government.

“These judges on the federal level,” they’re like herpes,” he told the Kentucky Inquirer. “We get them for life. We have to have term limits. We are no longer a government of the people by the people for the people. We’re a government of the few, for the special interests, in the name of greed.”

Frank also has said he advocates caps on money spent lobbying and spent for campaign finance and would push for mandatory drug screenings for congressional members.

According to his Web site, he has worked in the medical field, including for the Kentucky Medical Command Unit based in Lexington, where he has served as a medic for the past three years, has served in the Army, including a stint in Operation Desert Storm, and served in the Kentucky National Guard in 2007-2008.

He received a bachelor’s degree in history from Northern Kentucky University in 2008 and said he has plans to complete a master’s degree in healthcare through the University of Phoenix online.