EARLIER: We congratulate: The movement we see on bypass construction

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We have been on the backs of the contractors on the Shelbyville Bypass, and we still believe Kay and Kay Construction has been lax in working on the project.

But we have to offer the company some applause this week.

In the days following the head-to-head meeting between state and company officials, the bypass has been a flurry of construction. New and large machinery was moved onto the project, and now if you look from the intersection of U.S. 60 West and KY 55 South, you can see a little more polish to the picture.

The concrete roadway has been cleaned up, and base work for the asphalt shoulders has been created. Similar progress has been made in other areas, too.

All we’ve wanted all along is to know that the project was moving with all due speed, and that’s what we seem to be seeing for now.

Keep up the good work.