EARLIER: Titans fever sweeping the county

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As Collins preps for 1st football championship game, fans prep for cheering them on.

By Todd Martin

Fans are snatching up tickets and T-shirts just as fast as they can for Collins High School’s first trip to the KHSAA Class AAAA Championship game tonight in Bowling Green.


The school had already sold more than 300 tickets by Wednesday afternoon, and the booster club had placed a second order for more state-bound shirts with the Titans’ own hashtag, #titanstoBG.

“We’ve already run out of a few sizes of shirts,” said Melissa Goodlett, the president of the Titans Booster Club. “It’s been crazy. Can you believe the bus sold out already? We’re going to have a lot of people coming to the game.”

The booster club also had organized a charter bus to take parents and fans to the game, and it filled quickly. Goodlett also noted that those on the bus would watch the classic Remember the Titans on the way to Bowling Green.

“We just had to,” she said.

Several more fans hit Collins High School on Wednesday evening, when the booster club and school staff stayed late for fans to be able to buy tickets.

“We’re pumped,” said Pam Dockery, who stopped in to get tickets and pay for her spot on the booster bus. “We have our tickets and our T-shirts. We’ll be there to cheer on the team.”

Dockery said she has attended most of the games this year, but there was no way she was going to miss this one.

“We’ll be in full Titans gear on Friday. It’s just really exciting.”

Teresa Wright, whose son Lawson Page is the starting quarterback for the Titans, stopped in to get six tickets on Wednesday.

“It’s the most exciting thing,” she said. “I’m just so proud of Lawson and all the kids.”

But on Friday, Wright said she probably would be more nervous than excited.

“I get really, really nervous when he’s playing,” she said.

Kim Morrow, who grew up in a sports-minded family and has a daughter on the cheerleading squad, also stopped in to get tickets.

“It’s so exciting,” she said. “It’s only been three years, and to make it to state already, it’s just great. Those kids work so hard.”

And the community has stepped up to make sure Collins students can make it to the game. The school is offering pep buses to transport students, and if some couldn’t afford the $20, which includes a game ticket, there are options.

“We’ve had several people from the community step up and donate money for students that weren’t able to afford the trip,” Goodlett said. “I think it’s just great the way the community has really come together for this.”

And the enthusiasm isn’t just on school grounds and students.

Several area businesses have made the Titans a marquee name, wishing the team good luck in Bowling Green on their signs.

Dairy Queen, Family Video and Ethington Lumber were just a few of the places around the county wishing the Titans luck.

Judy Cresap, who owns Sports Legends SJB, said she has had a big pick up in business, and she expected even more.

“After school [Wednesday] we started getting a lot of people coming in looking for Titans shirts, and toboggans and headwraps,” she said. “I think today [Thursday] it’s going to be even busier.

But today fans better get there early.

“We’re closing the store early on Friday,” she said. “Everybody wants to go to the game, and I just can’t make anybody stay behind.

The Titans’ cheerleaders, who also will take the field tonight, said the school is buzzing with excitement.

“Everybody’s talking about it,” cheerleader Joanna Jackson said. “The art classes were even making extra banners.”

And the girls are glad to see the pep buses filling up with students.

“There are lot of people talking about going,” cheerleader Macy Mize said.

“But we have our own pep bus,” said Jackson jokingly. “We’re the leaders of pep!”

And the cheerleaders have been doing a little extra work, themselves, along with resting their voices to yell during the game.

“We were just painting banners,” Laikyn Locklear said on Wednesday.

Added Ryan Goodlett: “We already have a state champs one ready for after the game.

“Go Titans!”

If you’re going

WHAT: Class 4A state championship football game

WHERE: Bowling Green, at Western Kentucky University’s L.T. Smith Stadium

WHEN: Friday, 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST

TICKETS: Collins High School will continue selling tickets today until noon.

RADIO:WXLN-FM (93.3), WVKY-FM (101.7)