EARLIER: Simpsonville officials dispute complaint about garbage service

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They say they never received about garbage from senior customer

By The Staff

Simpsonville officials on Wednesday disputed a claim that a senior resident of the city had been ignored when complaining about problems with the city’s curbside garbage pickup.

The issue arose last week when a Shelby County resident, Karen Waller of the Majestic Oaks development just outside Simpsonville, told members of the Shelby County Fiscal Court Legislative Committee that her father, Ben McAdams, had significant problems with garbage pickup and received no response from the city of Simpsonville or the city’s garbage contractor.

That complaint was expressed in broader terms in a My Word piece by her husband, Paul Waller, that appeared in The Sentinel-News on Wednesday.

That article prompted Simpsonville Mayor Steve Eden and City Administrator David Eaton to call the newspaper and say that the city had no record of a complaint from Ben McAdams.

“In November 2008 we already had our garbage service in place,” Eaton said. “He lived in the city from 2008 to 2012, I believe, and in that time, we never had a complaint, not one contact from him [McAdams].”

Neither of the Wallers responded immediately on Thursday to telephone calls or E-mail messages seeking comment.

Eden said if the city had heard from McAdams, there was a program in place to help him.

“We have the backdoor program,” Eden said. “When a senior citizen or someone can’t get the can to the street or has a problem, our contractor will go to the door and pick up the can. That’s what we would have done.”