EARLIER: Showing Monday: City Center plans

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By Scotty McDaniel

Just days away from unveiling the proposal for a downtown Shelbyville City Center, Leon Mooneyhan, chief executive officer of the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative and the man behind the project, said he hasn’t heard too much from the public, his E-mail hasn’t been filling up with concerns, but he still feels like a musician preparing to debut an album and start getting feedback.

"After you work on something for a couple of years, you feel like an artist awaiting his debut. You’re excited to get it out there and to hear what people have to say about it,” he said.

And considering the scope of the project, Mooneyhan is hoping for a lot of feedback.

"Truly this would be a major undertaking for the community, so that’s why I’m hopeful we’ll have a good turnout and see what kind of ideas and thoughts people have,” he said.

The public is invited to attend the unveiling at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Stratton Community Center to view three concept drawings and hear ideas for City Center, which would be located around the current Shelby County Community Theatre, at the corner of 8th and Main Streets, and would incorporate all existing facilities except the downtown branch of Citizens Union Bank.

This proposal includes a conference and presentation space that could hold up to 200 people and also calls for a 300-seat theater that could be used by schools, the community theater and other organizations for programs and productions.

The drawings, which will be shown Monday in originals and through the use of PowerPoint, will include a floorplan showing how the structure fits in with Shelby County Community Theatre.

The plan  also explores the idea of adding 63 parking spaces beneath the building.

Though Mooneyhan said he thinks what will be of the most interest to those in attendance is the streetscape view, showing how it will add to the downtown look.

A microphone will be set up for people to share their ideas or concerns.

"I sense that there’s a positive air, and we’re going to have a good turnout,” he said.