EARLIER: Shelbyville Police say caregiver abused 2 girls, raped 9-year-old

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He lived in the home with his accusers

By Lisa King

A Shelbyville man is in jail, charged with raping and sodomizing two children for whom he and his wife were caring.

Henry Telles, 25, was arrested May 12 at a residence on Spruce Drive where he temporarily was staying and charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse against the girls, who were 9 and 13 years old at the time.

Shelbyville Police Officer Stacy Bruce said most of the alleged crimes were perpetuated upon the younger child, including an actual rape on April 24.

He said the abuse began last year and continued up until Derby Day.

Bruce said Telles had access to the children because he and his wife, who was the children’s babysitter, lived with the children and their mother in Shelbyville.

He said that the children had told their babysitter what was happening, but she didn’t report it after asking Telles about the charges.

“She confronted him with it, and he denied it, and that was good enough for her,” Bruce said.

Bruce said neither of the children knew the other’s story until recently, when the younger girl, who had been having nightmares and flashbacks, confided in the older one.

The older child, who is now 14, told police that late at night, when the household was asleep, Telles would sneak into her bedroom and fondle her breasts and genitals.

Bruce said the children’s mother threw the couple out of her home when the older child told her what allegedly had happened, but she didn’t know about the extent of the situation until after he had interviewed the younger child.

“She [the mother] thought it was just touching,” he said. “She didn’t even know about the [alleged] rape until I completed my interview. Then, man, she went nuts.”

Bruce said no charges will be brought against the babysitter for not reporting the incidents because her mental functioning is not up to par with a normal adult.

She and the children’s mother have known each other for about 10 years, having met in Louisville. Then they both moved to Shelbyville, continuing their friendship, and the mother, who is divorced, invited the woman and her husband to move into her home to watch the children.

Bruce said that Telles, through an interpreter, admitted to some of the charges.

He said Telles is in the country illegally and that he would be deported to Mexico, but not until he has served any prison sentence he might receive.

Bruce said the rape charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence, the sodomy charge 10 years and the sexual abuse charges 15 years.

Bruce said he doesn’t know if Telles has a record of similar occurrences in Mexico.

“They don’t really fingerprint them too much in Mexico; down there, if you do something like this to someone’s daughter or granddaughter, they’d just gut you, just tie you to a pole and cut your stomach open and let your intestines fall out,” he said.

Tony Aldridge at the Shelby County Detention Center, where Telles is lodged under a $30,000 cash bond, said Telles is in protective custody.

He said that if Telles were to be able to make bond, he would not be allowed to rejoin the community because immigration authorities would pick him up and deport him.

Bruce added that the children have been undergoing medical treatment as well as counseling.

He said a public defender would be assigned to Telles at a later date and that he doesn’t expect the case to be wrapped up for at least a year.