EARLIER: Roof collapses at construction site for second time

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By Lisa King

When and if construction resumes on one local business, the third time would be the charm.

The roof of the building that eventually would house Family Video on Midland Trail in Shelbyville collapsed Friday night for the second time this year.

The first time the roof collapsed in April, three construction workers were injured. This time, however, no one was present at the construction site because it was 9:30 p.m.

The first time the roof caved in, the project was in the framing stage. The roof was in essentially the same phase of construction this time.

Shelby County Fire Chief Bobby Cowherd called the incident "weird."

"Maybe it's built on an Indian burial ground or something," he said, jokingly.

Senior Deputy State Fire Marshall Rob Goodwin, who was at the scene Saturday morning, said he did not know what caused the roof to collapse this time but that OSHA officials are expected to conduct an investigation into the incident.

"We responded the night it happened and took some photographs Saturday morning, and I have turned it over to the state building code inspector," Goodwin said.

He added that he was called in initially because he works in the same office as the building codes inspector.

"Our duties often co-mingle, and we can help each other with paperwork," he said.

Though it has been under construction since early spring, the building still is not finished because the construction was halted for several months after the first collapse.

What makes the situation even odder is that this time, a different construction company was doing the work, said Ryan Gobert, manager of Tradesmen International, a Louisville-based company that was involved with the project in the spring.

Tradesmen International officials said the previous accident was thought to have been caused by improperly constructed walls, though that is still inconclusive.

"It's pretty incredible, because we're not out there anymore," Gobert said. "Our contractor was pretty shook up and decided not to continue with the work."

Gobert said he does not know the name of the contractor currently on the job.

The store is one of eight in Kentucky, owned by Family Video, which was founded in 1978 and headquartered in Springfield, Ill. On its Web site, familyvideo.com, the company claims it is the largest privately owned movie and game retailer in the United States and the third largest overall. Family Video employees more than 5,000 across 18 states, with more than 550 stores.

A spokesperson for the company, Miranda Gamborini, could not be reached for comment about the incident. However, an advertisement in The Sentinel-News directs persons interested in employment at the local store, located at 1729 Midland Trail, to go to the Best Western, where interviews are still being conducted.

The individual conducting the interviews said he is unauthorized to speak for the company and referred questions to Gamborini.