EARLIER: Road crews get ready for snow

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By The Staff

With snow on the horizon, city and county road crews say they are ready for anything.

The National Weather Service on Tuesday issued a winter storm watch for Shelby County and surrounding areas for Wednesday night through Thursday.

County Road Supervisor Carl Henry said his 12 salt trucks and two brine trucks are ready to roll, and Jennifer Herrell, city engineer and public works director for the city of Shelbyville, said the same.

"We will put down brine tomorrow [Wednesday] because the snow is supposed to hit Thursday," she said.

Herrell said she had heard two different forecasts, one for 1-3 inches of snow and another for 2-4 inches.

"Whatever we get, I'm confident we can handle it because the employees here have got a good handle on it and we have a good snow plan," she said.

Henry said his employees are also ready. They will have to tackle considerably more area than city crews, which is why they have 12 salt trucks to the city's 5.

"We already put brine down yesterday," Henry said, adding that brine must be applied before the storm hits to get the maximum benefit from it.

"We mix our brine with beet juice to keep it from freezing," he said. "We have 360 miles of county roads to take care of, so we will probably have all 12 trucks out at once."

Henry added that although his crews would man the county roads, they are not responsible for Interstate 64. That will be up to state crews, a fact that Henry said suits him just fine.

When asked whether he was dreading facing the cold weather, Henry said, “Heck no. It’s weather like this when we get a chance to get out and door our thing.”