EARLIER: Paragon president: We will ‘wait and see’

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Horizon to present final plans for its outlet mall

By Todd Martin

With Horizon Group Properties on the verge of presenting its final development plan to the Triple S Planning Commission, Paragon Outlet Partners, which has been planning a competing outlet mall in the same area, has backed off its plans – at least for now.

Paragon had received a zone change for an 80-acre parcel just on the east side of Buck Creek Road, just south of Interstate 64 in Simpsonville, but Robert Brvenik, the principal with Paragon, said his company has slowed down.

“There are no updates with our project at this time,” he said Thursday. “Our company has taken a wait-and-see approach with this project.”

He added that there are no plans at this time to submit development plans with Triple S.

However, Horizon’s plan will be presented to the commission during the regular meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Stratton Center, 215 Washington Street in Shelbyville.

Horizon Group’s development is located directly west of Paragon, at the intersection of Buck Creek and Veechdale roads.

The company’s final plan has undergone very few changes since first presented to the public. The development calls for a 363,704-square-foot outlet mall on six tracts with two out lots.

Triple S, which meets at 6:30 p.m. meeting at Stratton Center, 215 Washington Street in Shelbyville, must approve the details of this plan so the company can more forward with construction. The Simpsonville City Commission, which approved a zone change to accommodate the mall plan, does not have to approve these final details.

The biggest difference from the original plan is the removal of one out lot from the perimeter of the property facing Buck Creek Road. Horizon Vice President Tom Rumptz, who is in charge of the project, said that removal had a lot to do with the road-widening project on Buck Creek Road. He said that given the amount of right-a-way needed, the out lots were going to be too small.

The request does include one waiver: to increase the height of light poles to 33 feet instead of the standard 25 feet set by zoning regulations. The increase would allow the company to use fewer poles, and Horizon’s dark-sky lighting requirements exceed Triple S’ current regulations. The company employs only lights that direct lighting down, and light lines remain on its property, reducing light pollution.

Light pole height changes are not unusual requests. The Kroger Marketplace asked for and received permission to use 40-foot poles.

This is the last step Horizon faces before beginning to move ground and prepare the site for the construction, which Rumptz has said it plans to have finished by late summer 2014.

The project coincides with the widening of Buck Creek Road between U.S. 60 and just south of I-64, and Horizon will reroute Veechdale Road south from its current intersection with Buck Creek.

Horizon began in 2011 the process of working with Simpsonville and Triple S officials in 2011 and has received a zone change and a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to fill a portion of a 6.5-acre lake and surrounding wetlands and ephemeral streams for the development.

Also at the meeting, the commission will consider:

  • A development plan for R.E.P. Rents on Haven Hill Road. The 14,300-square-foot equipment rental facility is requesting waivers on outdoor storage surface (from paved to gravel), waiving the landscape screening requirements around the outdoor storage and reducing the primary building exterior surface materials requirement to 30 percent. The property is zoned Light Industrial.
  • An amended final planned unit development for French Quarters, on Clifton Court. The request is to amend the PUD to create separate lots for each of the 24 dwelling units. The property is zoned Medium Density Residential (R-3).
  • A subdivision plat for the Sheets Farm Divided at 297 Scott Station Road. The request is to amend the plat to adjust the property line between tracts 1A-4 and 1A-5 and to include a 16.8-foot side yard waiver. The property is zoned Agricultural.
  • A subdivision plat for Village Plaza Shopping Center, lots 6, 7 and 7A on Church View Street. The request is to reconfigure the lots and dedicate the right-of-way for the extension of Church View Street into a cul-de-sac. The property is zoned Highway Commercial (C-4).
  • A subdivision of the Ruhl Farm Divided. The request is to divide the property into six tracts. The property is zoned Agricultural.
  • A subdivision regulation text amendment on Article 6 of the Variance, Enforcement and Penalties for Violation.