EARLIER: KY 55 yard sale taking no detour

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By Todd Martin

It can’t be a coincidence that at its beginning KY 55 intersects with U.S. 127.

Now in its second year, the KY 55 yard sale aspires to one day attain the lofty status of the Highway 127 yard sale.

With a Web site and Facebook page, 127 promotes its 654-mile sale with state-of-the-art videos and a countdown (112 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes and 55, 54, 53 seconds...), but the 55 sale just works its 147 miles behind the effort of Annie Eades and a few others involved with the Finchville Ruritan Club.

The sale started on Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening.

“Mike Whitehouse [the club’s president] came to me and asked if we could do something like this,” Eades said. “I’ve always liked a challenge, so I said sure.”

Eades set it up last year and had a very strong turnout, with crowds in the 100s showing up each day at the old school building in Finchville.

Eades said last year people were at the sale as early as 7 or 7:30 in the morning, and she’s not closing up at noon, either.

“As long as there’s one person in here with a dollar in their pocket, I’ll keep it open,” she said. “Last year we were here until at least 6 o’clock.”

But this year, she’s taken it a step further.

“I sent information to the chamber of commerce or judge-executive’s office in each of the [11] counties [along 55],” she said. “I heard back from the tourism directors in Marion County and Washington County, and a I got a call from a lady that could be my sister in Taylor County. She’s going to set up booths, and I think really run with it.”

Eades also noted a company in Campbellsville, Taylor County, is going to set up their lot to house booths like she does at the old Finchville School.

Eades said she also has received a lot of calls from out of the KY 55 area about how and where to shop the sale.

“About two months ago, another girl that I work with on the sale sent a letter to the Kentucky RECC magazine [Kentucky Living}, and we’ve gotten a ton of calls about it. People from as far away as Lewis County [near Ashland] have called to ask how to get here, where to shop, how they get involved and some even want to know where every yard sale is going to be.”

That’s something that Eades is working on.

“We have a map that marks where each sale we know if will be,” she said. “Last year we only had people from Spencer and Henry County ask to be involved, and that was just a few people. It’s fun to see how many more are interested now.

“You have to be a little crazy to do this. Well, you don’t have to, but it sure helps.”

KY 55 yard sale

After starting in Finchville last year, the sale now stretches nearly the full length of 55, with stops located in almost all of the 11 counties. At the old Finchville school, you’ll find the home of the sale with and a good location to start with:

• Homemade breakfast starting between 7-7:30 a.m.

• Food served all day

• Booths for shopping both outside and inside