EARLIER: Ethingtons have until March 1 to clean up junk cars

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By Todd Martin

Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission has given Ethington Auto Sales and Ethington Brothers Inc. one last chance to clean up two areas on Midland Trail that are by definition junkyards.

The two organizations received final notices about the properties on Jan. 29.

“The letter explained to them that they have 30 days from receipt of the letter to bring the property into compliance, which will be March 1, 2010,” Executive Director Ryan Libke said. “On March 1st, if the property is not in compliance, then we will turn the matter over to the County Attorney.”

The two properties – one located behind Enterprise Rent-A-Car on the north side of Midland Trail, and the other on Old Finchville Road between Shelby Energy Cooperative and behind Ethington Auto Sales – fit the zoning regulations definition of a junkyard.

The regulations follow KRS statute 177.905, which describes a junkyard as a place where "five or more junked, wrecked or non-operative automobiles, vehicles, machines and other similar scrap or salvage materials, excluding inoperative farm equipment, are deposited, parked, placed or otherwise located."

The statute goes on to state that a business - like an auto dealer, body shop, wrecker service or service station - may have up to 10 of the described cars.

Both locations have many more than 10 cars.

The statute also states that businesses can have anywhere from 30 days to three months to clean up the area. Triple S first contacted the two businesses on Dec. 10, and then again Jan. 7.

If the properties do not comply with the regulations in time, and it is turned over the County Attorney, the result would be a Class B misdemeanor.

If convicted a hefty fine could be levied. The zoning regulations state a $100 fine per day that would be retroactive to the letters of Dec. 10. And the state regulations say the fine could be up to $500 per day or 30 days in jail.

The commission will have its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday at the Stratton Center at 6:30 p.m.

At the meeting:

• The commission will consider an amended PUD and waiver for Osprey Cove, section 2, phase B to allow the front building lines on lots 13, 14 and 15 to be 15 feet instead of the required 25.

• Agricultural plat divisions for the East Lake Field Farm on Cropper Road and the Allen Homestead on Bagdad Road.

• Final plat for Catalpagreen sections 12,13 and 14 phase 1 on Discovery Boulevard and U.S. 60 and Pulliam Estates on Hempridge Road.

• Bond release on Cloverbrook Farms section 3, a partial release for $38,961.72.