EARLIER: Collins, SCHS close to filling several coaching positions

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By Laura Clark

Just a few head coaching positions remain unfilled at Shelby County High School and Martha Layne Collins High School.


There has been plenty of juggling going on between the schools, with several SCHS coaches moving to Collins.

Those making the transition to Collins from SCHS include cross-country coach Stephen Drawbaugh, girls basketball coach Phillip Conder and boys golf coach Mike Griffin. Football coach Jerry Lucas and softball coach James Axline were or are currently assistants at SCHS.

As part of the splits, cross country and track at both schools  now will have only one head coach for both the boys and girls teams.

Brian Crumbo, who was Shelby’s girls cross-country coach, will be the head coach at SCHS.

Swimming is taking a unique turn by sharing a coach between schools. J.P. LaVertu will coach both SCHS and Collins swim teams, with help from two assistants.

Other schools with smaller teams and only one swimming facility have done this.

“With the pool situation, you’re still going to have the same number of swimmers in the pool. They’ll just be split on teams,” SCHS Athletic Director Sally Zimmerman said. “It’s going to work out because we have limited use of the pool with the park.”

Track and cross country will be moving from Class AAA to AA, and football will move from Class 6A to 4A for both schools. Anticipated enrollment at each school for grades 9 through 12 is less than 1,000.

At Collins, coaches are still needed for girls golf, boys and girls soccer, boys tennis, baseball and track and field.

Athletic Director Gary Kidwell said the administration is very close to hiring coaches for baseball and boys and girls soccer.

At SCHS, head coaches are still would be needed for boys soccer, boys tennis, girls basketball and cheerleading. Numerous assistant coaching positions at both schools remain unfilled.

Zimmerman said SCHS is close to hiring coaches for cheerleading and girls basketball. Interviews are under way for boys soccer and boys tennis.

The coaching lineup

Collins Football - Jerry Lucas Volleyball - Abbey Buchert Cross country - Stephen Drawbaugh Boys golf - Mike Griffin Girls golf - open Boys soccer - open Girls soccer - open Boys basketball - Curtis Turley Girls basketball - Phillip Conder Swimming - J.P. LaVertu Softball - James Axline Baseball - open

Girls tennis - Jerry Buchert Boys tennis - open Track & field - open Cheerleading - Rachel Jaenichen   SCHS Football - Todd Shipley Volleyball - Felicia Pace Cross country - Brian Crumbo Boys golf - Matt Redmon Girls golf - Anna Simpson Boys soccer - open Girls soccer - Joe Turner Boys basketball - Rick Parsons Girls basketball - open Swimming - J.P. LaVertu Softball - Kelly Cable Baseball - Bart Roettger

Girls tennis - Marc Johnson Boys tennis - open Track & field - George Cottrell Cheerleading - open