EARLIER: Charges expected in skate park fight

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By Lisa King

Charges are expected to be forthcoming in connection with an altercation at the skate park, police say.

Shelbyville Police Chief Robert Schutte said Friday that assault charges could be made against some individuals in connection with the Sept. 13 incident in which one teen was injured.

The incident, which took place between a group of teens at the skate park, was captured on tape by the park's video surveillance system. Law enforcement personnel will not release the names of the persons involved because they are juveniles.

Schutte did say that that officers are working on the situation.

"We've been in contact with the county attorney and the court designated worker, and they're all juveniles, so we're in the process of getting them into juvenile court," he said.

He added that the prosecution procedure sometimes takes longer than it does when dealing with adults.

"It may take longer, it just depends," he said.  "We're kind of at the mercy of the court-designated worker. I don't have a court date yet, so I don't know when that will be."

Schutte added that he has no specifics yet.

"I don't know when they'll be up in juvenile court, I'll have to meet with the officer. He's not in today so I'll have to find that out."

Some parents have said they think the altercation stemmed from a brawl in the school lobby, which, according to Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong, occurred five days before.

"On Sept. 9, at 8:30 a.m. at Shelby County High School, the sheriff's office charged a juvenile with  fourth-degree assault upon another juvenile," he said. "That charge stemmed from an altercation in the school lobby. I think the juvenile was arrested but am not sure."

Deputy Tina Johnson, the resource officer at the high school, said she could not divulge any information about the incident.

"I've been advised not to talk to newspaper," she said.

School officials would not reveal specific details on any disciplinary actions taken against students, either.

Superintendent James Neihof said students were disciplined according to school policy regarding fighting.