EARLIER: Bowling center remains open

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By The Staff

The Bluegrass Bowling Center is still very much open, and its owners really don’t know when it might close.

Owner Pam Kiser said this week that she wanted to be sure the public knew her bowling alley on Midland Trail was still rolling along.

You may recall that last month the center went up for sale as Republic Bank began foreclosure. The bank had told Kiser and her husband, Mike. they would be closing in 30 days.

But that hasn’t happened just yet.

“We don’t know when we might be closing,” Pam Kiser said. “The bank won’t tell us anything, and we have counsel who can’t even find out.”

She said that after a story was published in The Sentinel-News, several buyers have come forth and professed interest in the facility, which during its 40-year history has been a bowling alley twice and clothing manufacturing facility for several years in between.

“That has been amazing,” she said. “The story did so much and sparked so much interest.”

The Kisers would prefer not to sell at all. They have owned this facility and built a family-focused bowling alley – atypical among such facilities – for the past 10.5 years.

“My league bowlers were asking me this week if we’re getting ready to close, and I told them no,” she said. “I want everyone else to know we are still open, too. We’re not dead.”

Bowling in Shelby County has been a moving target of enjoyment.

Alleys have been located in a basement downtown, in an old Kroger store on Main between 2nd and 3rd streets, now owned by the Episcopal church, and in a building that was destroyed to make room for a McDonald’s on Taylorsville Road.

When the Kisers bought this facility in 2000, they returned bowling to a building constructed for the sport. They have built their clientele without selling alcohol and by enforcing a strict code of conduct.

“When we first bought the place,” Kiser said last month, “we had trouble around here. But we put up monitors and hired off-duty policemen, and we cleaned it up.

“This is a family facility. We cater to church and school groups. And that’s the way we like it.